Wednesday, September 7, 2011

On the Mend

Since my last post, I am happy to report that I'm in a much more positive state of mind now, and I started to gain a lot of perspective within the first few days after the crash. I am, without a doubt, one lucky girl to have walked (on my own two feet) out of that hospital door that day. It was determined (courtesy of my Garmin) that I went from 60km/hr to 0km/hr in roughly 2-3 seconds when I hit the pavement. I really didn't want to know that scary fact, yet I was extremely curious to know since everyone kept asking me that question. To quote my friend Mike's response to learning about this fact, "that's not a good way to stop". It's ok if you laugh, because I thought that was a pretty funny thing to say to!

This crash has also revealed that I am a pretty fast healer when it comes to incurring flesh wounds. Perhaps even fast enough to turn Pro if this were to become a competitive event. As of Wednesday of last week, I was able to start wearing my own t-shirts, as opposed to L or XL in men's race t's. On Friday, I got my courage up to take the streetcar and the TTC to meet my friend Jenn, who suggested we treat ourselves to a spa visit (minus massages of any kind of course). The second I walked onto the streetcar, I was greeted by stares and people muttering things under their breath. I guess it's a shock to see a girl walking around wrapped in gauze and bandages. The amusing thing was how much better I looked than even just a couple of days prior. I guess it's all relative! Even though I was initially happy with how I looked, I started to feel really self-conscious and even contemplated turning around and going home. I resisted the urge, and came back home still clad in bandages, but with pretty fingernails and toes:)

Saturday was a big breakthrough day for me, because I was finally able to dress myself completely and I took a full shower with the help of some Saran wrap for the bad wounds. Yesterday, I jumped on the trainer for the first time to do a little test run to see how my body was feeling, but not yet working up a sweat.

Today, I am down to only 3 wounds that require gauze/bandages. All the rest have started forming new skin! The one concern that arose one week after the accident was the increasing pain that I was feeling in my collar bone/shoulder/scapula. It looks like a probable AC joint separation and or  hairline fracture along the collar bone. This is not uncommon in blunt force traumas, and they usually don't surface until the initial injuries subside. I don't know how long this will take to heal, but I have started looking ahead at a couple potential races in November...

I want to thank everyone for all their kind words and messages (and food that you've brought over), because your support has made a world of difference in getting me through this rough patch.

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