Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Agoura Hills, California

After having those terrible back spasms during Friday's ride last week, I opted to do a "flatter" ride on Saturday morning. It's impossible to avoid hills altogether here, but I had a great scenic ride around the Malibu Creek State Park area. I even saw deer grazing in the fields. I was also lucky enough to get a quick swim in at the Pepperdine University outdoor pool! The campus was amazing, and it overlooks the ocean.
On Sunday, I rode on the legendary Pacific Coast Highway! It was a little bit scary with all the cars whipping by, but riding along the ocean was stunning. Post-ride lunch was at the Malibu Seafood Market, where the fried seafood and grilled seafood were delicious. I wasn't lucky enough to swim at Pepperdine U again, so I settled for an outdoor 25y pool at the Calabasas Tennis Club.

Yesterday I did my longest swim of the year (5.4km) and my shoulder is still feeling great today! In February, when I hit 4km in the pool, my shoulder would ache for days, so this is so positive for me. I followed up that great swim with a nice ride up Latigo Canyon (without any back spasms!), and I feel like I'm getting more comfortable descending now. I'm not riding the brakes the whole time coming down any more:)

Here are a couple of pics from yesterday:

After a great day yesterday, today turned out to be a bit of a logistical disaster. After a morning swim, we got back to the house only to realize that we were locked out. Nobody remembered to grab a house key, so I've spent most of the day squatting in the backyard of our rented house. Not so fun, but tomorrow promises to be better!

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