Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm in the magical world of Disney!

I arrived safely in Hong Kong around 11pm (their time) last night, and managed to use my cantonese to get myself to the Disney Hollywood Hotel:)

In my last blog, I mentioned that I was on my way to Japan, so here is a picture of my calves adorned in compression socks and the fuzzy brown slippers that they give you on the plane.

I must say that the 13 hour flight went by in a flash! I was treated like absolute royalty by Suzuki, who was the Japanese stewardess looking after me on the flight. She even wore an apron when she was preparing and bringing us food-adorable! I made sure that I tried the Japanese cuisine instead of sticking with traditional Western options. Look at the presentation of this food!

My flight to Hong Kong wasn't quite as glamourous, but my hotel is...check out all this Mickey paraphernalia. First thing I did after taking a shower was bust out the complimentary Mickey Mouse slippers and throw on the bath robe!

I just went for a quick stroll after breakfast and the views on the hotel grounds are stunning. I will be sure to take my camera along when I hit the grounds again later, so that I can post some and share them with you.

Wish you were all here to experience this with me!

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