Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A quick glance at Taipei

I managed to borrow a camera to take a few shots of the National Palace Museum that I visited in Taiwan today. I couldn't take any pictures inside though, because that wasn't allowed. Taipei reminds me of Lantau Island (where I just came from in Hong Kong), because it's got the big city feel, and yet some lush mountains in the background. It'a quite stunning really.
To the left below is a side shot of the museum, and to the right is the mountains behind it.

Here I am enjoying some dim sum at the Silks National Palace Museum. I've eaten new foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner since I've been here. I've also tried fruit that I have never even seen before, so I have to do some research and find out what they're called!

The one thing that I can't get over since I've been here is the number of mopeds that are on the streets. You're lucky if you see one or two in one day in Toronto, but here you're lucky if you don't get run over by one! It is literally a moped nation...everyone drives them in rain or shine. They also don't follow any rules of the road (or maybe they just don't exist here), because they weave in an out of lanes and squeeze into any space that they can find. I've been closing my eyes and just hoping for the best every time I get into a taxi in the city. I'll have to post a pic of that as soon as I can.

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