Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recap on Taiwan

I've been back home in T.O. for about 10 days now, and I'm finally getting over the jet-lag! It was definitely harder to go 12 hours back then to jump ahead 12 hours. Coming home also meant coming back to reality, which for me meant 1) getting my paper out to the Journal of Physiology ASAP and 2) finding a job! I was supposed to do 1) before I left for Asia, but good thing I have/had a very understanding supervisor...actually I "owe him one".

My trip to Taiwan really was AMAZING, and I have to thank all of those people who made that trip happen again! We had the most gracious hosts who fed us til we were stuffed to the neck and looking for deals on maternity pants;) The culture was extremely different than what I was used to in Canada, which is exactly how you would hope a trip like this would turn out. Below are just some of hundreds of pictures that I took or that Wendy took while we were there.

Foods that you wouldn't find in North American 7 Elevens.

(L)Yoho Beach Resort, Kenting (R) Me making waves, East China Sea

(L) Dragon & Tiger pagodas, Kaohshiung (R) Moped City, aka Taipei

(L) The Grand Hotel, Taipei (R) Chiang Hi-Sheck (spelling?) Memorial, Taipei

Taipei 101, currently 2nd tallest building in the world (recently ousted from 1st by Dubai, surprise, surprise)

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