Sunday, November 21, 2010

As requested, here are a few more pics...

I'm slowly organizing my pictures still from the trip, but as I present some more here, they are not really in any particular order. Please bare with me!

On the left above is Wendy demonstrating how to put a bike together in front of a VERY critical audience at a Kaohshiung Montessori school, & to the right is Wendy posing on the stage where she will later accept her 3rd place placque.
To the right: Wendy & Ming chowing down on local food after a pre-race bike ride

Below from L to R: 1) A Black-Neck Swan swimming at Kowloon Park, Hong Kong, 2) Greater Flamingos in Kowloon Park, 3) Causeway Bay in Hong Kong

To the right: My friend & fellow Canadian triathlete, Colleen Latham, after getting in trouble for attempting to lie down on the Disneyland Resort MTR line!

Mickey shaped mango pudding...yum!

Mickey shaped chocoloate mousse cake.

Mickey light fixtures in the Chef Mickey Restaurant at the Disney Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong. Getting the picture yet?

The Chef Mickey Restaurant...as you can see, one can easily OD on Mickey after a few days in the magical world of Disney...

Stay tuned for more pictures from my Hong Kong/Taiwan adventures!

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