Thursday, February 3, 2011

January Training Update

I can't believe that it is February already! The month of January just flew by, and I managed to put in a very solid block of training. This is probably my very first winter of consistent triathlon training, where I actually have a schedule to follow. AND I am keeping a training log for the first time!

I've been doing a lot of swims on my own last month, and the focus is predominantly on SPEED. That means a lot of all out 50s and 100s, that leave you feeling pukey and tight all over. I was a sprinter when I swam competitively (seems like years ago), so for me, I really need to work on the speed endurance. Once, I've got the speed down, the idea is to work on maintaining that speed over longer and longer distances. I'm hoping to get the confidence to see if I can swim with the U of T Varsity swim team after the CIS Championships this month, for maybe just one or two practices a week. We'll see what the coaches say...

I have recently started to train with power on the bike, and it really is a great way to get through indoor trainer rides. I'm not doing very long rides at the moment, because the focus is on increasing my VO2max. That means shorter intervals that reap enough pain and suffering to cause your dog to come over and lick your arm every once in a while to see if she should be getting help from the neighbours or something:) More workouts that elicit that pukey feeling and super heavy legs.

I've been fairly diligent with my track workouts with the UTTC Masters group over the past few months, and I think that it has been a great environment for me. You may wonder why I have chosen to run with a Masters Track group, and really there are so many reasons that I can only state a few. First of all, I'm among great company who have done nothing but welcome me to the group since the begininning, even though I'm not technically of Masters age yet. Two, we've got two amazing coaches that have so much knowledge and advice to offer, and always with a smile (Thank you Paul and Mike). Thirdly, there is nothing better to be constantly humbled and inspired by Masters athletes who are nearly twice your age whipping your butt around the track! I really am the lucky one who gets to chase (or get lapped by) several World Class Masters athletes/Canadian Record holders/Olympians a couple of times a week! I have seen great improvement in the splits I'm able to hold in workouts, and just this past couple of weeks, I've seen some of my speed return from the good ole' days of high school track and field;) I am even considering pulling out my old track spikes...

That was the month of January in a nutshell. I may do a swim meet or two in February, and then most likely do the Frosty 5km in March to see where my fitness is at.



  1. Leanna ... I really have to agree with you, the UTTC Masters are inspirational, and just plain a great group! Especially for an ol' slow poke like me. And you are an important part of the group ... we always miss you when you can't come out.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Duncan! You are among those speed demons that I have to watch out for when it comes to doing short intervals...