Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A big shout out to Foreknowledge Ltd. & Balance Physiotherapy

This past month of training certainly had its ups and downs. After a solid block of training in January, my right knee decided to rebel and started hurting in early February. It was a pain that was very hard for me to describe, because you couldn't touch it and pinpoint exactly where it was. It felt like I had hyper-extended my knee, because the pain was behind the knee. I think doing speedwork on a 200m track might have had something to do with it...Anyway, about 1 week after the right knee started acting up, my left knee felt left out and decided to rebel too! Only this time, my left knee hurt all around the front of the knee and on the sides. So, I had to cut out speed work for a little while, and when it still continued to hurt during steady, longer runs, it was time to take some days off from running altogether. Cue the drum roll here...enter Balance Physiotherapy!

Dave Frake, one very gifted PT and the REIGNING World Duathlon Champion in his age group, offered to take me in as one of his patients, and has been working with me over the past month or so to get these knees fixed. We've been doing lots of ultrasound and needles (the acupuncture looking ones, NOT the cortisone ones) to get the inflammation down. Hopefully, we can get my knees ready to run the NYC half next weekend. I owe a huge thank you to Dave for all of his time and effort over the last month! For any of you out there who are in need of some physiotherapy, check Dave and his team out at http://www.balancephysiotherapy.com/! (And NO, Dave absolutely did not pay me $100 to write that in;)

Despite the bad knees, I had some very encouraging TT type tests in the pool and on the bike in February, so hopefully this will carry over into the racing season, which starts on May 1st for me at the St. Anthony's Triathlon in St. Petersburg, FL! I'm still looking for a travel buddy/roommate for this trip, so let me know if you want to come...I have to also thank Duncan Greenshields, owner of Foreknowledge Ltd, and Masters track & field superstar, for his generous offer to offset some of my upcoming race fees. I'm so grateful for all of your support Duncan, not to mention all of your moral support along the way!

My last couple of weeks of training have been VERY inconsistent with the bad knees, and then getting sick after sitting on a plane without wearing a HazMat suit, which was blatantly required. I seem to feel terrible on one day, and then better the next, so I go and do a workout, which puts me back out again the next day. So, I'm hoping that I'm only going to need another day or two completely off before I can get back to my scheduled workouts.

Thanks for reading!

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