Monday, December 5, 2011

Bedford Turkey Trot

It has been a while since I last blogged, and it's not because I've been depressed or don't have any good news to report, but rather that I have just been very busy! I actually ran the Bedford Turkey Trot (5km) the Sunday before last while I was in New York for American Thanksgiving. It was exhilarating to race again, especially on such a hidden gem of a race course. The first 2 and a bit kilometres are a relentless uphill climb, so you cannot worry about pace, because it is thrown out the window immediately. I managed to catch what my 2nd km split was and it was 4:39...yup, certainly not the best course to PB on necessarily. After you finally get to the top of this relentless climb, you think that you might be able to make up a lot of time on the downhill stretch. Well, not so much! The descent is very steep and winding, so you end up putting on the brakes more than you would like, or you risk a) falling splat on your face or b) kissing a tree. By the time you have finished this dramatic uphill and downhill, your quads are pretty fried so any gentle grades or bumps in the road after that feel like mountains. That is exactly why the race was so much fun! I finished 2nd woman overall, and was happy with my effort.

I am up to swimming 2.5km now, and got the ok to try adding some intensity. They basically tape my shoulder up (so it doesn't fly off, I suppose) and throw me in the water. Hopefully, the speed and fitness will come back quickly!

Happy off-season training everyone!

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